Schwarzkopf Color

We are Schwarzkopf Professional® – From our start as a Berlin Family business, we have always been REinventing hair. Today, our hairdresser community stretches around the globe with one common bond: an absolute passion for hair.

We are one. Bound together by our love of hair.

We are fueled by the same fire and devotion to our craft. 
Our collective ambition to excel drives our spirit.
 To question. To explore. To outdo what’s been done before.

And so we create and REcreate.
We REfine and REdesign.
We take what’s been broke and REbuild.
We REshape and REvive, REpair and REstore.
We REcolor what has lost vibrancy and REstyle what has lost its edge.
We reveal what’s been hidden, and replace the old with the new.
 REthinking, REworking, REnewing…
We are always… REinventing hair.